I prefer not working alone, I strongly believe in the team working and in the contamination of the approaches. I love working together with a network of excellent professional profiles. Ideas always light up one with each other.

Creativity is with no doubt the most important human resource since without creativity we are willing to repeat the same kind of schemes. I like to conceive relationship where, apparently, they are not visible.

My team is a network of special and unique professional roles where the main word is “contamination”.



Dario is an EcoDesigner, from Bergamo, working at the same time in the antique and in the Ecodesign trade. He formed himself between Milan, where he graduated in Antique Arts, and the Canada.

His strong passion for the art started in the mum’s Art Galleries and his antiques and restorers friends.

After the High School he attended the Expert School in Antique Arts in Milan and he started really young to expose his pieces in several exhibitions and antique markets.

In the following years he organized contemporary art exhibitions all over Italy working with an high number of local artists.

In his workshop among the vineyards Dario composes old industrial appliances, recycled vintage pieces, welded iron structures, elaborated industrial counters, now utilised as work plans, old gym weights as wheels, creating amazing tables and many others features.

In 2010, from his first meeting with the gallery Tallulah Studio Interiors in Milan, he elaborated his first “Fuori Salone” when Dario realized and presented at the Milano Fuori Salone “Magdalene”, an étagère realized through the combination of several industrial stairs with deck axles.



After her graduation at the Architecture Faculty in Florence, Elena grew as designer working with several Architects and Designers.

In 2007, she worked with the city of Perugia concerning Public Works and Urban Furniture.

From 2011 she started her career as Interior Designer and Home Shopper.

In 2014 Elena opened a Design Interiors Studio in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain.

In 2018 selected for Milan Design Week, ‘Fuorisalone’ Lambrate District with ‘Irregulier’ modular element from the bookcase to the bedside table.

The Personal Home Shopper takes care of whatever is necessary to decorate your houses giving advices in your choices and your Shopping.

The Home Shopping service has been thought in order to help whoever needs help in decorating his house without having time to visit several shops and gaining information and estimates.

We are talking about a customized service, even for low-cost objects, satisfying the needs of everyone who prefers being driven in his choices from a professional figure in the sector.

The Home Shopping service is available even for B&B or little farms owners in order to analyse each design choice in your structures.



For twenty-five years Santorsola makes up textiles as perfect decorative furnishings for our houses.

On appointment it is possible to take advantage of free consulting of the Interior Designer Lella Isella, holder of the activity.

Santorsola taste is sober, minimal and always coordinated with the style of your location where the textiles – after a scrupulous study of the most fixing colour, material and trim – take place.

The customized service and the accurate setting, made by Italian trusted staff, are the ideal complement for the top quality products.



In synergy with Giuseppe Taramelli we bring the living experience to those clients who demand excellence in design, renovation or construction in residential, commercial and industrial builidings.

Taramelly Group is a family of construction craftsmen who, for over thirty years, has developed  the  “made in Italy” a lifestyle and a modus operandi, transforming it into the current role of General Contractor and acquiring clients and prestigious brands both in Italy and abroad.

This company employs staff able to handle all stages of design, architects, technicians and highly specialized designers guaranteeing the client the highest professionalism and competence in both the study and the following construction: they are in fact able to follow the customers all around from foundations to the interior details.

Great search for materials and solutions to best satisfy the ideas of those who rely on their reality: craftsmanship combined with an opulent and meticulous workmanship.



An alternative space for Brands of Luxury Clothing, Research and Japanese Designers. Each dress is conceived as a sculpture, a fine work of art itself, which goes far beyond being simply worn.

Because the view is not enough. Because certain garments do not necessarily answer a need, nut they are often the trait d’union between dressing and the philosophy of a style, even a lifestyle.

Her ability and boldness to create unreleased and ever-avanturing outfits are a key stimulus.



Cristina and Enio, united in life and art, a Dionysian combination, vigorous and subtle, effervescent and silent, of strength and thought. Individuals but as a couple at the same time. Unique, each and every one, in comparison, in a creative confrontation, in every outcome of the feeling of their mind and hands.

So their jewels are. Silver is twisted, beaten, scratched, gold born warm and pure by a cuttlefish bone, hands controlling the material, emotion to anticipate the gesture. Each creation is a masterpiece that contains, and makes free at the same time, the raw status of the material, and the sophisticated essence of the art, the essential burial of the Baurhaus, the light and suspended movement of Calder, Giacometti’s discrete elegance, the rough and physical exercise on Burri’s material, Kandisky’s chromatic encounters, Cristina’s and Enio’s experience.