HENRY DEAN VASI   An entire range of top quality products, liquids colours lightened by the environment, glasses of unique shapes and colours. 

POMAX     Furnishings in harmony with the design, the beauty, the charm and the nature. 

MASSIMO COPENHAGEN    The creative team of Massimo projects innovative hand-made textiles to decorative your contemporary house. Each carpet is unique and entirely hand-made based on secular traditions and techniques through the sapient use of natural yarns. 

HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS   History overflowing printed sheets. Recovery of metal ceilings coming from the Victorian age (second half of 1800 in the US). 

ARTISAN HOUSE  Metal sculptures sold in over 50 countries all over the world. Each artist represents itself through their design, but all of them share genius, talent and execution.

ASA HOME  Ceramics and porcelain products in a pure modern style. Nowadays this company is globally recognized.

PEINTURE TOLLENS FLAMANT  Always looking for the perfection in the luxury interns decoration. Flamant proposes a palette of 128 colours of warm shades.