Ro’s Gallery was born from friendship and creativity.

It is a feeling that is transformed into shared space.

Passion that becomes an exchange of ideas and art.

Ro’s Gallery was born by Rossana and EcoDario to pick up ideas for design and art.

IVAN DEL PRATO --- Himself ----

Ivan Del Prato was born in Costa Volpino, Bergamo, July 19, 1957, he lived in Milan, where he began his career as Oncologist, from 1986 to 2001 and now lives in Bergamo.


His father Emilio Del Prato was an artist, whose name is mentioned in numerous Italian art catalogs such as “Comanducci”, “Selearte Moderna”, “Italian Contemporary Art” and many others.


Ivan since he was a boy he lived in an environment surrounded by paintings, colors, drawings and landscapes and has always developed a strong and real passion for this magical world. Ivan has always been and still is an enthusiast of art and history of art.

Tamayo Horiuchi in Flying over ... reflection & insight photography

Research through the concept of reflection, of an introspective and evocative vision.


Through his work, Tamayo Horiuchi, transmits a deep feeling that often intrudes into the world of sounds, perhaps from which, after studying piano, draws continually inspiration.


The central theme of Cristian Boffelli’s research is the figure, animal and human.


A figure that is continually distorted, making it almost unrecognizable, and then resume family appearance again. It is perhaps more a game, which has as its objective to continue the path taken in the field of art and see how it will end.


The volume SUMIKA, published by the Sottoscala edition of Bellinzona (CH), documents the work of Cristian Boffelli carried out between 2015 and 2017 for the biennial of Nakanojo in Japan.

STEFANO CARRARA forma, spazio, materia

…we have been given the chance of being always something different at all times and from one moment to the next

…..but to do it without losing you must be always yourself…

Every sign, every gesture is not really what you do….but what you are