A showroom dedicated to the decor, to the decoration, to the lighting and to the art.

High-quality selection of furnishings and lighting are available in our lovely showroom based in Bergamo, a reference point in terms of elegance and harmony of the locations proposed through always different settings inspired by the ultimate trends in Italy and Europe.


My name is Ro’s Living cause it’s me ROS, Rossana!
That’s why my location is the Interior I want to live with you!

I dedicate myself enthusiastically to the true search and selection of high quality furnishings and lightings with the desire of creating harmony approaching different styles and objects seeking always new materials and atmospheres and with the capabilities in thinking out the nature, design and art cues.

Rossana Pedrali
Design Manager – Master in Design Management at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. Italy
Lighting Cosnultant – 20-years-long experience in the sector.

What do we do


We decorate your houses and locations. We create elegant atmospheres and harmonious with the lives of the people who live, enjoy and use those spaces. We believe in the importance of the surrounding environment thought as harmonious set of the objects that compose it.


Concerning the restaurants, the little Hotellerie and the hospitality areas, like the B&Bs we offer an effective work of search of different articles, styles and furnishings in order to improve and accomplish your location with personal and unique complements.

Ro'StudiO Design Process

  • Listening
  • Site inspection
  • Concept

We design your house (not ours), your locations, the ones you live in. This is why the listening phase is the most important one. We start from the distribution of the environment to come in tune with your lives and understand your desires. We choose together the colours, the materials and the locations.  We prepare a texture and images collections to share the moods, the sentiments and the things hard to be told. We give great importance to the lighting and to the choice of lighting fixtures.

We realize on site inspection (for free) of the houses and the locations because nothing is more useful than watching the prospects of the different spaces and breath the atmospheres of your locations. In case the size of the furnishings fixes in your house we bring them to you for a live test in your spaces. In the absence of the local plants we are available to do on site measurements and reliefs and put them in plant or in section.

The interiors talk to us! The rooms emphasize if one exists or lives because there is a great difference between these two things! Every house places a different mood and personality, and this is what we try to figure out through actual and in line with the last Italian and European trends fittings. We try to create harmony approaching different styles and fixtures seeking always new materials and atmospheres and with the capabilities in thinking out the nature, design and art cues through the constant search and selection of furnishing and lighting fixtures.

Italian Excellence and North European furniture harmoniously mixed with Italian Vintage reproposed and reinterpreted recovery furniture. EcoDesign and BioArchitecture fixtures. A warm and sweet light, comfortable but functional at the same time.